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Prognosis Research Tools

  • Many IPD meta-analysis projects aim to summarise information about prognosis ​

- in particular, IPD projects offer many opportunities to examine prognostic factors and to develop & validate clinical prediction models.

  • Dedicated discussion on IPD meta-analysis projects for prognosis and prediction are given in Chapters 16 and 17 of our IPD meta-analysis book and in the guidance page here

  • More general guidance and good practice principles for prognosis research projects are available, as follows: 

- a website promoting good practice, education, videos & training courses in prognosis & prediction research

Prognosis Research in Healthcare: Concepts, Methods and Impact

- a textbook providing a practical introduction for researchers who are developing, conducting, interpreting and appraising prognosis studies.


The PROGRESS framework 

- a series of four papers outlining a framework for prognosis research including overall prognosis, prognostic factors, prognostic models and predictors of treatment effect

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