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VIDEO: Introductions to IPD meta-analysis projects

  • Intended for a broad audience, the talk below provides an introduction to IPD meta-analysis projects for healthcare research. Prof Richard Riley discusses their rationale, advantages and key steps, and provides various examples including the examination of treatment effects, treatment-covariate interactions, test accuracy, prognostic factors and risk prediction models.​

Riley intro talk
  • Dr Sarah Nevitt gave the following webinar entitled "IPD meta-analysis: What, when, why?" in 2018.

  • Originally delivered as part of the Cochrane Learning Live series.​

Sarah Nevitt talk
  • Prof Matthias Egger gave the following introductory lecture on "IPD meta-analysis" in 2017​.

Egger talk
  • Prof Terri Pigott gave the following introductory lecture on "Individual participant meta-analysis" in 2014​.

  • Delivered for the Campbell Collaboration.

Piggott talk
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